By John Wolf

Rockford Police Department

46511 S Main Street

Rockford, IN

22 January 2018


To: Officer Jacobs, Internal Affairs Division

From: Lieutenant Porter, Rockford Police Department

Subject: 1 to 2 November 2017

Per departmental request, here are the call logs and evidence regarding November 1 to 2 of 2017 between the hours of 23:30 and 24:30. Due to lack of progress, these current findings are to be transferred to internal affairs. 

I must declare I am performing under protest. If there is some possibility of any light being shed on what happened that night I am more than willing to turn over the investigation to you. It is my belief that what happened to our department during that time was beyond our understanding. Whatever happened that night it was no case of corruption or runaways. A lot of families are asking questions. Do what you have to, and make of it what you will. 

Lieutenant Porter




Single Glock 17 service pistol, standard issue, licensed to Sergeant Ray Hardy of the Rockford Police Department, fired three times. 

Three lead cartridges removed from the window of Sergeant Hardy’s patrol car, cartridges from above weapon. 

Single bulletproof vest, standard issue, issued to Officer Kenneth Alder of the Rockford Police Department, heavily damaged. 

Seven page radio call sheet dated November 1 to November 2. 




Radio Call Transcript Sheet

Rockford Police Department

Transcription: Melanie Boles


Sergeant Ray Hardy, Rockford Police Department, 23:28 November 1: Dispatch this is Hardy, eleven fifty-four parked on Mill and Second. Over.

Dispatch Officer Harriet Turner: Come back Unit Five, you say eleven fifty-four? Over.

Sergeant Hardy: Ten-four. Plates (Delay) uh (Delay) no plates. Model Ford truck, sixty-five Mercury, color yellow. No sign of driver. Code six. Over. 

Dispatch: Confirmed Unit Five.

Officer Kenneth Alder, Rockford Police Department: Unit Five, Alder here. Are you in need of assistance? Over.

Sergeant Hardy: Negative on that Unit Two. Thanks anyway. 

Dispatch: Awaiting report Unit Five. 

Dispatch Officer Harriet Turner, Rockford Police Department, 23:34 November 1: Unit Five come in. Over. (Delay) Unit Five, respond. Over. (Delay) Hardy, this is Dispatch. You have not checked in with your Code six. Over. (Delay)

Lieutenant Jack Porter, Rockford Police Department: This is Lincoln One. Dispatch confirm, Unit Five has not called in with his Code six? Over. 

Dispatch: Ten-four, Lincoln One. 

Lieutenant Porter: Unit Two? Over.

Officer Alder: Hey Lieutenant, Alder here, what’s the status on Hardy’s eleven fifty-four? Over.

Lieutenant Porter: Mind the radio chat, Unit Two. Eleven fifty-four was Unit Five’s last call; Unit Five has not called in his Code six. Unit Two, rendezvous at (Delay) give me that street again Dispatch? Over.

Dispatch: Mill and Second, Lincoln One. 

Lieutenant Porter: Unit Two, rendezvous at Mill and Second, proceed with caution. Radio alert upon arrival. Over.

Officer Alder: Ten-four, Unit Two out. 

Officer Kenneth Alder, Rockford Police Department 23:37 November 1: Lincoln One, Unit Two on site. Come in. Over. 

Lieutenant Porter: Unit Two-

Officer Alder: Got you on visual. 

Lieutenant Porter: Ten-four. Dispatch this is Lincoln One, Unit Five’s vehicle is in sight. Lights on, no sign of that Mercury. Anything on your end? Over. 

Dispatch: Negative on that Lincoln One. No Units report seeing a yellow sixty-five Ford Mercury. Over. 

Lieutenant Porter: Alright, Unit Two and I are going to check the area. Report back with the next Code six. Over.

Dispatch: Ten-four Lincoln One. 

Officer Kenneth Alder, Rockford Police Department 23:43 November 1: Dispatch, Dispatch! This is Alder-. Unit Two. We need assistance-

Lieutenant Porter: Steady Unit Two. Dispatch, Lincoln One. We have a possible officer down, repeat officer down. A ten-ten-eight. Definitely shots fired, Unit Five’s car took three rounds in the windshield. Put out an APB on that Mercury. 

Officer Alder (off radio): Jesus of Nazareth, Porter it’s a dead dog. It’s (Words indistinguishable)

 Lieutenant Porter: -that shit. Dispatch, we also have an eleven-twelve. Looks like it’s been cut with a knife, add to APB. Suspect driver of Ford Mercury presumed armed and dangerous. Over. 

Dispatch: Understood Lincoln One. Highway authorities notified. Over. 

Officer Kenneth Alder, Rockford Police Department 23:51 November 1: Dispatch, Alder-Unit Two here. Any word on Hardy?

Lieutenant Porter: That’s Unit Five, Unit Two. If there had been word we would have gotten it. Over.

Dispatch: Do have something there, Lincoln One. Possible eleven-seven out by the Tobolski residence at fifteen eleven three Crest Drive. Over.

Lieutenant Porter: Sighting of Mercury? Over? 

Dispatch: Negative, Lincoln One, but Crest isn’t far from Mill. Mrs. Tobolski reported something out by her rabbit hutch. Over. 

Officer Alder: Lincoln One, I can be there in less than five. Over. 

Lieutenant Porter: Dispatch, what’s the ETA on the state help? Over.

Dispatch: State help says (Delay) securing a net on the highways. APB on Mercury out, no confirmed reports. ETA ten minutes. 

Officer Alder: I’m almost there Lincoln One. Over.

Lieutenant Porter: Keep your finger off the CB, Unit Two. Dispatch, get back on any new reports on our Mercury. Unit Two, keep going to Tobolski’s. Proceed with caution. Radio on arrival. Over.

Officer Alder: Understood. Unit Two out. 

Officer Kenneth Alder, Rockford Police Department 23:55 November 1: Dispatch! Dispatch! Eleven seventy-one! Tobolski residence is on fire, repeat Tobolski residence on fire. Holy shit! 

Dispatch: Alder calm down, acknowledge. Tobolski residence at fifteen eleven three Crest Drive is on fire. Firefighters are already called. Await-

Officer Alder: See him, see him! 

Dispatch: See who Unit Two? Over.

Lieutenant Porter: Hold Unit Two! Hold Alder!

Officer Alder: He’s making off for the back yard, it’s him I know it! 

Lieutenant Porter: Alder! Do not pursue! Dispatch, ETA on scene one, two minutes. Where are the fire trucks? Where is my state help?

Dispatch: Unit Two come back. Over. Alder come back! Jack there’s no response from Ken!

Lieutenant Porter: Arriving on scene. Residence still on fire, Christ almighty. 

Dispatch: Come back on that Lincoln One? 

Lieutenant Porter: Unit Two is gone, Alder is missing. Following! 

Dispatch: Ten-four Lincoln One! Unit Two come in! 

Officer Alder: Lieutenant, come in. Over.

Lieutenant Porter: Alder, where are you? Speak up. Over.

Officer Alder: I got to stay quiet, sir. I don’t know where I am, somewhere behind the Tobolski place. I got that Mercury. Over. 

Lieutenant Porter: Say again, Alder. The yellow Ford?

Officer Alder: Yeah, parked back on the road past the Tobolski place. Hey, that’s uh, Upas right?

Lieutenant Porter: Ten-four. Alder stay low, fire departments putting out the house, stay low and quiet. State and local Units on our-

Officer Alder: Oh shit! (Static) 

Lieutenant Porter: Alder! All Units respond to South Upas Street! Possible officer down! 

Lieutenant Porter, Rockford Police Department 24:15 November 1: Dispatch, this is Lincoln One. Oh Jesus, Harriet, Ken’s down. Officer, officer down. Something behind the house, in the woods, big swipe out of his chest. Bleeding. Paramedics on scene, house is still burning down. No sign of the Tobolskis. (Delay) Harriet, over. (Delay) Harriet, Dispatch, come in over. 

Male Voice: -so out of hand. So out of hand. 

Lieutenant Porter: Who is this? Identify yourself! Where’s Harriet? 

Male Voice: Oh, she’s with the rest now. It’s a shame really, it being my fault and all. But (Static) –the Devil’s leash. 

Lieutenant Porter: Harriet, I’m on my way! Backup, I repeat backup, all available Units in the area converge on Rockford Police Department Headquarters. Fifteenth and Main. Intruder armed and dangerous! 

Male Voice: I wish I could tell you sorry, I know your kind is partial to such things. I won’t though, nope never will. Too much of a fall to want to apologize anymore. I’ll admit it though, never should have let the hell bitch out of the truck like I did. You have no idea how grating her wailing can get though. Then she wants a bite to eat, and then she wants this and that. Damn nuisance sometimes. 

Lieutenant Porter: Whoever you are, you’d be better off giving up my officers and coming clean. Now. 

Male Voice: One way minds your kind. (Laughter) Well, I bet you’d just love to meet me face to face. My hell bitch too I reckon, but we got to get moving on now. 

Lieutenant Porter: Wait!

Male Voice: Don’t try nothing else, boy. Human suffering and hollering and pleading stopped doing any kind of good years ago. You hardly care much for it yourself. 

End of transcription.

Call report note, supplemental: Unknown male voice still unidentified, radio frequency unknown/non-existent.