Shadows at the Door: An Anthology - Hardback Edition

Shadows at the Door: An Anthology - Hardback Edition


An anthology of thirteen ghostly tales in which atmosphere and crescendo are everything. These illustrated tales will thrill and delight you. 

No matter where you are in the world, there is a story that everyone knows. In every town, every village, there is a house no one sets foot in; a specter in the woods that parents warn their children of; a local landmark whose history is stained with death. Shadows at the Door brings the whispered, hand-me-down horrors of thirteen such places together, to entertain and unsettle. The anthology will immerse you in the eerie locales of Durham, Norfolk, Derbyshire, Rugby, the Scottish Highlands, Toronto, Pittsburgh, New York, Rural Yorkshire, Lake Superior, Canterbury and Melbourne, so you can be scared all around the globe.

Featuring stories by:

Pete Alex Harris
K.B. Goddard
Christopher Long
Mark Nixon
Kris Holt
Helen Grant
Andrea Janes
JC Michael
Caitlin Marceau
Daniel Foytik
M. Regan
Mark Cassell
Cameron Trost

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