Our Team

Meet the team behind the shadows and connoisseurs of the macabre.

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Mark Nixon

Creator and editor of Shadows at the Door, Mark is a horror writer who dwells by a graveyard in England.

He prefers his horror subtle, letting imagination fill the gaps. If you really think about it, that's always the best kind. 

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Barney Bodoano

Barney is an artist and illustrator with a preference for spindly trees, chimney pots, cloud-covered moons, furrowed brows, half-seen shadows and mysterious doorways. He aspires to catch even an inkling of what Mervyn Peake, Virgil Finlay and Steve Ditko managed to do and is content with the fact that he shall fail miserably. Commissions undertaken.

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Caitlin Marceau

Caitlin Marceau is an active member of the Horror Writers' Association, holds a B.A. in creative writing, and has been featured in an array of publications.

When she's not covered in or wading through stacks of paper, you can find her ranting at conventions about media and pop culture.


Christopher Long

Christopher Long is a writer hiding in the later half of his thirties. He spends his free time sending out ghost stories to help deal with his current morbid paranoia. 

He lives in Rugby with his wife, Sam, and they are both very happy. Which makes you wonder where all the horror is coming from. 

Oh, that's right, he keeps getting older.


Nic Wright

Nic Wright is a content writer who lives in Newcastle. She writes about boring stuff for money, and interesting stuff for fun.

Nic likes to talk about true crime, paranormal nonsense, and old school horror films in dark corners of pubs, while listening to sad music.

The first ghost story she remembers reading was a recounting of the Amityville haunting. It was in a collection of children's bedtime stories, because it was the eighties and that was fine then. Sometimes she still sees red-eyed pigs in upstairs windows.

Pete Alex Harris

Pete Harris is a software engineer, and an avid reader and writer of mixed-genre science fiction, fantasy and horror. He has self-published a few books he wanted to read but nobody had written yet. There doesn't seem to be any reasonable place to stop once you start doing that, so there we are.

He lives in Scotland, where the weather can reliably keep him indoors to get on with it.

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Jeanette Andromeda

Jeanette is a freelance illustrator currently based in Connecticut, USA. If asked where she’s from you will get a long story about growing up in a Navy family and how home is still a little island in Italy called La Maddalena. Even though she only lived there for two years when she was 9.

She has a background in design for theater and film, with projects that have been seen on the SyFy and Chiller channels. Since then her art has become the bigger player in her life. She blogs and shares her art on HorrorMade.com along with several other places, Shadows at the Door included. You can hear her voice on the 9th Story Podcast and in the post-show interviews on the Wicked Library Podcast.